Last Shot Beverage

Not an “Energy Drink,” Last Shot is Nutritious

Take Last Shot to Help Replenish the Body’s Nutrients

Last Shot® is a premium hydration, energy, and recovery drink. Last Shot® supports your healthy lifestyle and well-being, allowing you to prepare for a workday, participate in the game, and plan for a night out. Play Hard. Recover Easy.

Play Hard. Recover Fast.

Last Shot is a unique beverage experience whose primary component inhibits the enzymes that block the detox pathway. Last Shot’s barrage of B-Vitamins work as powerful antioxidants, scavenging the effects of toxins in the body.


Press Releases

The Latest News from AirGo Food & Beverage

Beverage Manufacturer Partners with Disabled Veteran Owned Firm

Las Vegas, based EQ Labs, Inc. (EQLB) makers of Last Shot® signed an agreement with AirGo Food & Beverage, to represent the brand nationwide. The new cold drink sensation is growing in popularity as a healthy alternative to the caffeine and high carb drinks on the market today.

Rehydrate & Replenish

Last Shot rehydrates and replenishes by supplying the body with a valuable and much needed source of vitamins and water. Last Shot is a superior alternative to popular heavy carb and caffeine drinks on the market.